Chinese Gung Fu
(Kids through Adults)

Gung Fu, a Chinese martial art that dates back over thousands of years, is an excellent form of exercise for the body, mind and spirit. It will improve your flexibility, tone and grace, as well as strengthen your external and internal self. The proper execution of Gung Fu is learned through practice, concentration and repetition. Students who practice and persevere in the study of Gung Fu will show improvements in both their physical and mental health. At Black Tiger Academy, students are taught styles in both the southern Chinese (Black Tiger) and northern Chinese (White Crane).

+ Beginning Classes
Through the art of movement, Gung-Fu focuses on martial arts and self defense technique, improved health and overall awareness. Beginning classes focus on physical conditioning and basic kicks, strikes and blocks. Beginning students will also be introduced to stances and forms of the Sil-lum and Black Tiger styles, including the 1st Sil-lum and 1st Lu. Classes are small and provide one-on-one instruction. Teens through adults are welcome.
+ Intermediate/Advanced Classes
Intermediate/advanced students are challenged with more difficult kicks, strikes and blocks and are introduced to additional forms of the Sil-Lum and Black Tiger styles, including the 2nd and 6th Sil-lum, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Lus, Sa-Pai and Tiger Claw sets. In addition, more advanced drills, Gung Fu techniques and sparring sessions are incorporated in the classes. Teens through adults are welcome.
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